Actively Offering Coaching Services

Success and Magic of Executive Coaching

actively offer coaching services 2Coach training is exciting and fun.  Then after you earn your coaching certification comes the time when you focus primarily on building your coaching business.  Networking online through social media and also at face-to-face is a very important part of developing your coaching client base.  Be intentional about your efforts.  Schedule your time to engage on social media, contact people, and attend events.  For networking focus on finding the events that your ideal client is most likely to attend.  Plus, every time you are out and about you will be meeting people and each conversation is a networking opportunity.

A great way to get in front of prospective clients, demonstrate your credibility, and create a connection is through training or speaking.  As an added bonus it is also a way for you to earn while building your coaching client base.  When you know your niche and your ideal client, develop speeches or training programs that appeal to them specifically.  Identify where you can offer it to existing groups or where you can effectively promote your own event.  Then, let attendees know about your coaching and how it benefits them.

Content marketing, to include publishing articles, white papers, or books, and blogging, is a great way to increase your visibility online, drive traffic to your website, and demonstrate your credibility.  Attaching a blog to your website and then posting once or twice a week ensures you have fresh content and that people come back for more.  Posting or publishing articles on LinkedIn or for specialized groups is a great way to target your ideal client.  Offering white papers on your website can help you build your contact list.  Publishing a book and being on Amazon is a great way to get noticed plus it gives you a product to sell when you speak or train.

Specific packages that provide a set number of coaching sessions at a set rate can be a way to promote your coaching services by offering specials.  For example, new coaches offer discounted rates for a limited time to a limited number and ask for a testimonial in exchange.  As your business grows, offering more sessions at less per session when the client commits and prepays gives a motivator for that client to follow-through with the coaching.  Be creative with your coaching packages and promotions!

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