Coaching Core Competencies – 11 of 12

The obvious purpose of coaching is for a client to move forward and achieve their objectives. In the initial stages of the coaching relationship, a coach works with the client to fully explore the big picture and define goals in all areas. This is significant because each area of our lives impacts the other areas and with the big-picture understanding, planning for specific goals is on track. After creating the big-picture, the client chooses their top priorities for planning. A coach serves to maintain focus on the client’s goals and support the client in determining how they will make it happen.

The Core Competency of Planning and Goal Setting, listed in the category of Facilitating Learning and Results by the International Coaching Federation, ICF, focuses on outcomes.

Initially the coach works with the client to co-create the coaching plan and explore client goals. Next the coaching process focuses on planning. In defining the plan, the coach works with the client to ensure the action steps are:

* Specific
* Measurable
* Attainable
* Time-specific

To support Planning and Goal Setting, the well-trained coach helps the client identify and access resources for moving forward. Together the coach and client target early successes to enhance motivation for continued progress.

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