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Coaching Empowers Independence

Independence includes freedom of choice and freedom to act. We often have more actual independence than we take advantage of in our lives.  Working with a coach means discovering your options and creating your life intentionally and with independence.

How much independence do you want?  Working with a coach advances you towards what you choose, thus increasing your independence to the level you define.

Coaches are strategic partners who empower clients to explore options, create strategies, move past challenges, and achieve what they choose.  In the process the client’s level and feeling of independence are elevated.

Coaches put clients in charge of being their own best expert and that empowers independence.  The coaching process serves client’s independence because the client chooses their priorities and creates their own plan of action.

Coach training creates independence too because it opens doors to possibilities while also providing the techniques for creating meaningful change. Earning your coaching certification increases your marketability for leadership positions.  Becoming a coach is also an opportunity to have your own business.

Consider your own answers to these questions:

  • What is independence for you?
  • How does having a coach empower your independence?
  • How does coaching certification empower your independence?

Just as is learned in coach training, instead of being told when you answer the questions for yourself (independently) you are empowered.

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