What is a Coaching Style of Leadership?

Gallup reported that the number one reason people quit their job is their boss.  Changing that now means training leaders on coaching skills for a coaching style of leadership.

A coaching leader is a strategic partner that:

  • Asks questions for the clarifying of goals and objectives
  • Explores options for moving past obstacles
  • Empowers the creation of action plans
  • Enhances opportunities to achieve

What does this mean to an employee?  Their leader takes time to ask about their career goals and to work on a career path that fits with both organizational needs and the employee’s goals.  The employee is empowered to think about overcoming obstacles and create their own work plans.  The employee is engaged and follow-through increases exponentially.  The leader is aware of employee successes and in a place to verbally acknowledge the employee in a meaningful way.

Specifically, talent retention, employee engagement, and productivity are driven by the effectiveness of the leaders to develop rapport, empower employees as individuals, and support long-term success.  Developing leadership competency in an organization with training on coaching skills will increase employee engagement and productivity.

Ultimately, true leadership is about empowering others and enhancing their innate skills.  Training leaders in coaching skills supports proactive team building and percolates throughout the organization, ensuring the skills and processes are in place for long-term organizational success.

In the next blog post explore the reasons for having a coaching program in the workplace

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