10 Considerations for Job Search Coaching Part 4

As a coach one of the most rewarding parts of the work is the success of your client. In job search coaching, this is interviewing, successfully managing the process, and negotiating an offer.
7. Prepare for interviews
Coaching clients may or may not be aware of types of questions that are asked. Preparation includes researching the company and having questions to asked if given the opportunity. Their confidence during the interview will show, so preparation and practice enhance possibilities.

* Questions to ask might include:
o How much research have you done on the company? What have you learned?
o What questions do you think they will ask you? How will you answer?
o What questions will you ask them?
o How will you approach other employees on your way in and out of the interview?
o What is their strategy for the interview?
o What is your strategy for the interview?
o How will you ensure you dress right for this interview?
o What will you bring with you to the interview?
o Describe your day preparing for, going to, and entering the location for your interview?
o How will you prepare yourself to be confident and relaxed?
o How will you close the interview?
8. Manage the job search

When there are fewer jobs than people looking, anticipating the job search as a process and recognizing the need to plan ongoing management empower the client to continue moving forward with confidence.
* Questions to ask might include:
o How will you balance your time during the job search process?
o What tasks will you schedule?
o How will you continue to build your confidence and stay motivated?
o How will you maintain your focus?

9. Negotiate offers
When there is an offer, how much room is there for negotiation? As a coach, enhance your client’s success with perspective and a plan for negotiating an offer.
* Questions to ask might include:
o Do you understand their needs?
o How are you meeting their need?
o Do you know their range?
o Do you know the market range?
o In addition to salary, what other considerations are included in the negotiation?
o If you must give the first number, what is it? How did you determine that number? How will they perceive your number?
o What flexibility do you have?
o How will you think through offers?
o How will you approach any counter offers?
What negotiating tips do you know?

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