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Ethics versus Core Values

What is the difference between having a Code of Ethics and Core Values? After googling and reading and searching, I find variety in how these are explained without a concrete comparison. Consider this: the Code of Ethics defines rules of conduct toward customers; Core Values are beliefs from which our behaviors and communication develop. What do you think?

How does each influence people, teams, and companies? If the Code of Ethics is written by an industry or company, it serves as a teaching tool and guideline. Often each employee or professional is expected or required to comply with the Code of Ethics. Core Values, well that might be different because individuals may or may not agree with the values. So if values are personal in nature, are coporate values simply accepted if required? Or are values about behavior and communication while at work only?

What is the impact on coaching clients? If a Coach does not subscribe to, consider, or develop a Code of Ethics and/or Core Values, is the client aware enough to ask? Whether or not the client asks, the process of subscribing to, considering, or developing the Code of Ethics and / or Core Values means there is some education and thought involved, and generally the quality of the relationship is enhanced. How does openly communicating these with the client further enhance Coaching?

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