To Set New Year’s Resolutions or Not To Set New Year’s Resolutions

New years resolutions

New years resolutionsOne of the quasi-jokes coaches talk about during coach training is how often we all set New Year’s resolutions and then within weeks all are forgotten.  Of course the coaching certification process provides many tools and techniques to support both setting resolutions and taking action so that things happen.

Perhaps the question is more appropriately, “If I set New Year’s resolutions, how am I following through?”  During coach training participants learn to ask clients to consider resources that are available including people, skills, and other logistical things.  Coaches ask clients to list challenges to achieving what they want and how to move past them.  Then coaches empower clients to create their plan of action.  Coaches ask clients to visualize their ideal outcome.  Coaches support clients as they move forward.  Coaches also encourage clients so they celebrate their progress and success along the way.

For those empowered by a partner in this process, coaching makes sense and is a wonderful opportunity for creating and achieving New Year’s resolutions.

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