Coaching Executives During Change

Coaching Executives During Change

Coaching Executives During ChangeCoaching Executives During Change

There comes a time in businesses when the vision changes, goals shift, and the compass moves direction. Showing up for a client in these situations calls for balance and attention skills. As a coach listens for possibilities to open up for a client’s review and understanding during a session, it is also important to have focus. Where is the client now, and what are the possibilities as the old sheds into the new?

According to Harvard Business Review, opening channels of thinking offers business leaders the space for awareness and consideration of anomalies. Comprehending the hurdles, along with the bigger vision, supports success. The Harvard Business Review goes on to say that it is the positive deviants which offer a rich source of insights.

Coaching offers executives the time to personally explore innovation and set priorities. Keeping the vision moving forward assists with motivation and insight.

Examples of Questions:

  • How do you, as the leader, see this shift?
  • Where are the hurdles?
  • How is the innovator in you envisioning the future?
  • How do you voyage into new territory?
  • How does this bring new channels of opportunity?
  • What resources are helpful in response to change?
  • What opportunities are being opened up?

Offering coaching as an opportunity in a time of change brings the possibility of new development and innovation in leadership.

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