What Is The Meaning?

Clients ask about coach training

what is the meaningAt different times in different locations, individually, in groups, or people throughout entire regions, this question is explored.  What is the meaning – the meaning of what?  There are many possibilities: work, time, money, recognition, achievements, relationships, and / or life.

An interesting parallel – coaches often ask clients to explore meaning.  In coach training this is discussed and practiced.  During coaching certification there is exploration for individual clients into the meaning of their values, interests, wants, or objectives.

Back to the question – what is the meaning?

  • How often do you give yourself time to consider these questions?
  • How often do you want to consider these questions?
  • How will you benefit by thinking, reflecting, considering, expanding, exploring, refining, and focusing your own thoughts?
  • How does this support your success?

Find the time that is right for you and ask yourself, “What is the meaning?”

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