CMC versus MCC

CMC versus MCC

The second level of training at the Center for Coaching Certification is called the Certified Master Coach. The International Coaching Federation offers a credential called the Master Certified Coach. These are completely different. CMC versus MCC

Specifically, the CMC at the Center for Coaching Certification is a 35-hour training program. The CPC is a prerequisite for it.  When you take these two training programs, you’ve completed the hours of training that are required to join the ICF as a member. If you wish to earn a credential from the ICF, there are additional requirements.

The Master Certified Coach credential that is given by the ICF says you must have your PCC credential first and hold it for three years. Then, to earn the MCC, you must have 200 hours of training, 2500 hours of experience logged as a coach, have the 10 hours of mentor coaching with a MCC coach, submit two recordings of yourself coaching that pass assessment at the MCC level, and pass the coach knowledge assessment.

If you are unsure whether you have earned the MCC, chances are you have not since you would know that you completed all of these requirements. As an additional note, at this time there are fewer than 1500 MCC coaches in the world!  There is obviously a huge difference between the CMC and the MCC. What is an easy way to remember this?

When you earn a credential with the ICF, the unique letter is first, “A”CC, “P”CC, or “M”CC.  At the Center for Coaching Certification, the unique letter is in the middle: C”P”C, or C”M”C. If you are ever unsure, simply look at your certificate. What are the words? What is the order of the first letter in the words?


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