The “Why” for Your Coaching Business Gets Noticed

When you are beginning to build a business, many people focus on how they will do it and what they will do and the motivation becomes secondary.  After all, these are very important aspects of initially creating a business.  Consider this: are the how and what the things that people remember?  People remember stories.  They remember why someone took action and how they did it is only relevant in terms of how others are affected.

Consider the story of Malala Yousafzai.  Malala is 15 year old girl who lives under the Taliban in Pakistan. She believes in educational rights for girls in her country and around the world.  She refused to be silenced which led to her being attacked and ultimately relocated outside her home country for specialized care that saved her life.  She continues her mission with a promise to be an outspoken advocate “for every girl, every child to be educated.”  This is her “why” and it is the story that is in the press.  The story is not about what she did or how she did it.  It is the story of why she did it and continues.

Apply this in your coaching.  When people know your “why” for doing what you do, they know you care and are drawn to your services.

Peggi Peaslee

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