Know Your Market

In the previous blog article we talked about the questions to ask yourself when defining who your ideal client is and the fit with your niche or area of expertise.  With these defined, you can then move forward with a plan on how to market yourself.

Knowing your niche or expertise area helps define your marketing strategies.  Consider where your ideal client or their sponsor will find you as a coach.

One opportunity is networking – both online and at events.  Find the professional meetings, social events, conferences, discussion groups, and social media sites that attract your ideal client.  Provide value by offering information through presentations or articles, being of service, and helping others connect.   When people benefit from your expertise or help, your name gets out and prospective clients reach out.

Another way is to offer targeted webinars online on topics directly related to your niche area.  This can be done through your networking, through social media, or by connecting with companies or organizations that schedule these events.  Online services offer you a way of giving a webinar, sharing slides, and sharing your expertise with specific, targeted audiences.

An excellent way to earn while you market your coaching services is to offer to speak for a trade group or at an event where your ideal client base may be in attendance.  Many organizations are routinely looking for speakers for their events.  This can also be a great way to meet potential clients and get word of your services out to others.

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