The Power of Personal Connection for Coaching

There is great power in making a personal connection that people can relate to whether in social settings or your coaching business.  Recall a recent event or conversation you had with someone.  What are the details you remember?  Use this to your advantage in your coaching business.  Connect with people on a professional and a personal level.  Share with them the road you traveled in becoming a coach and they will remember you and your business.

Converting potential clients takes more than telling them what and how they will achieve results.  It takes the commitment to show them through actions, words and stories.  For example, I recently wanted to purchase a new water filtration system.  I did some research and contacted three reputable vendors.  Each offered quality systems and although money was a factor, it was not the deciding factor.  The decision was based on the connection.  It was the sales person who took the time to explain the system and developed a connection with me.  She shared her journey to Arizona and why she chose her career and company.  She earned my business through her stories.  She became credible to me and I trusted her.  My new water system is great too!

Seek to share your story.  You will find that the investment of time pays off much more than just being a sales person.

Peggi Peaslee

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