The Next Secrets to Creating Change

by Beth Donovan –

Welcome back!  Clearly you are recognizing that change is a process and you are now back to learn more about making it happen – way to go you!  Partnering with a coach who completed their coaching certification is smart.  For now, here are the next two secrets to creating change:

  1. Become fully aware.

Being aware and in the moment is being fully present.  It empowers you to calmly focus on today and tomorrow.  Being aware invites focus.

In working to reach a goal weight for example, one cookie will naturally have less calories than two.  Portion sizes matter and so does the food quality.  I’m talking about straight math damage control.  Sometimes we like to trick ourselves into thinking that since we had one cookie, two more won’t hurt.  Actually, they will because you are adding 2 cookies worth of calories to one cookie.  What I like to do now is have the cookie and then go find something healthier to eat if I’m actually hungry.  Food quality, as in it being tantalizing, fresh, natural, and nutritious is important because that is how we get our nutrients and stay satiated.  Portion control is important because there really is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”.  Enjoy each bite mindfully.

  1. Get and stay organized.

Using our goal weight example, organizing the kitchen, the pantry, an action plan, and including the family in your plans are all brilliant ways to get started.  Organization makes most tasks much easier.

Keep your house a clean zone.  If other family members want treats, ask them to lock up their treats in a tool box or suitcase.  My husband does this.  When you want a treat, then you have to go out to get it.  Get one – a single serving.  Get the best one there.  Savor it while you are out.

Keep going!

Challenge yourself to intentionally apply these secrets.  Having a Health and Wellness Coach who has coach training to help you along the way will add tremendous value! How are you accepting yourself and getting back on track?  How do you remind yourself to do something?  When do you take time to reflect and be aware?  What are you organizing?

More secrets to come!

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