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More Secrets to Creating Change

by Beth Donovan – https://bethdonovan.com

By reading these secrets to creating change a few at a time in this blog series, you are giving yourself time to reflect and apply the insights in preparation for what is coming next – way to go!  Here are more secrets now:

  1. Respect yourself.

I’ve heard it before, “Don’t waste food.”  New perspective here: Where is food more of a waste, in the waste can or on your body where you suffer medical conditions and have to work it off?

It was very enlightening for me when I experienced self-respect around food for the first time.  I remember that I used to clean my plate, whether I was hungry or not.  There came a day when I realized that the food was as much a waste in my body as it was thrown away.  The difference was that if I threw it away, I saved money on doctor bills and the strain of illnesses it eventually caused via weight gain.

I find that sticking up for myself in all aspects is much easier now.

  1. Actions have consequences.

Calories, whether eaten today or tomorrow, still end up in the same place.  Usually we eat a bag of chips as a sort of “house cleaning” before a diet, so we eat every unhealthy food available.  The same foods will still be in the world tomorrow.  The questions, like what we learn in coach training, are: “What are the pros and cons of eating it?  and “How can you incorporate the change in your eating into your lifestyle?”

A note: I find these questions helpful in financial matters as well.

To Consider:

Utilizing a Wellness Coach who completed their coaching certification will help you set and reach your goals to achieve success!

How do these secrets apply in creating change for other goals?

Get ready for more secrets coming in this blog series!

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