Positivity Serves Clients

Jim Fortner

By Jim Fortnerhttps://www.tl2llc.com/Jim Fortner

A few months ago, a colleague of mine wanted to know if I could do a coaching session with them.  I said sure since I will not turn down someone reaching out to me that was sincere (and not a close friend).  We set up a meeting for Microsoft Teams and I asked a few questions beforehand.  It turns out they were struggling with time management.  Stress was building.  They were overwhelmed.

Once we started talking, the first thing I realized was that there was a lot of negativity.  I kindly asked if they could use “positive” terms while talking about what was going on.  What transpired while they spoke about their daily routine was every day was like a repeat of the previous.  I asked what did they need to “jump off the hamster wheel”?  Their reply was they had no time for themselves.  We dubbed it “me time”.  I asked how they had prioritized themselves.  We talked about simply setting aside 10 or 15 minutes in the AM to “get their day started with a clear and positive mind”.

Second thing was to review what had happened at the end of the day and plan for tomorrow with themselves as a priority and to look at what had transpired during the day as opportunity.  We talked about meditation.  They were interested in the possibility and ready to engage.  We ended this session discussing the many ways to meditate.

Next was to think of ways to translate what was going on as a positive.  Use positive speech. Thank others.  Two weeks later, the client sent me an email thanking me for talking with them and creating awareness around the importance of prioritizing themselves.  They said having a positive mindset changed their outlook.


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