The Master Coach Journey (Part I)

The Master Coach Journey (Part I)

The Master Coach Journey (Part I) By Toniya Singh

After completing the Certified Professional Coach program with the Center for Coaching Certification, I noticed a renewed respect among my networking groups. The FAQs were different, the conversations centered around coaching, its scope, what it meant, its value etc.

The Master Coach Journey (Part I)This phenomenon continued over the course of a year and it became evident that there is so much that the general populace does not know about coaching. That made an argument for delving deeper into the inner-workings of coaching as a full-time profession and small business – to say nothing of becoming a better coach. What was more, there seemed to be a clear demand for coaching. It was clear that coaching based on the Core Competencies must become part of the mainstream of life, both at the workplace and at home. All of this combined made getting a Certified Master Coach certification a no-brainer for me. So I registered for the program with the Center for Coaching Certification (where else?!).

I could not wait to start the program. I was excited to reach yet another level of expertise as a coach and I was curious about what was left to do after the comprehensive and rigorous curriculum I had experienced during the Certified Professional Certification program I had recently completed. To say that I was pleasantly surprised to experience the Certified Master Coach Program with the Center for Coaching Certification would be an understatement!


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