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Benefits of Coaching All Generations

Benefits of Coaching All Generations

Coaching is beneficial to each generation in specific and similar ways. Because it is personal, individual objectives are the focus of the coaching relationship.Benefits of Coaching All Generations

Benefits of Coaching All Generations The term broadly categorizes individuals by birth during specific time frames. A close look at the description of the time frames highlights major Western societal events during the era
that had some degree of influence for shaping certain behaviors, thoughts, and ideas by which the generation is generally identified.

There is homogeneousness among all generations which is humanity. That is to say all generations are people. It is the humanity perspective of generations that is used in examining the benefits of coaching. A general description of the human life span development helps to understand the components shared by all generations. The chapter includes interviews with three individuals from different generations, who share their coaching experiences. Similarities and unique specificity are noted.

It will be beneficial for a coach to understand some aspects of generational knowledge in a broad sense, while understanding every person is unique individual. More important is that within the uniqueness are similarities in basic needs and desires embedded in the growth stages of life.


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