More Thoughts on My CPC Journey (Part III)

More Thoughts on My CPC Journey (Part III)

More Thoughts on My CPC Journey (Part III) By Toniya Singh

The Practicum – This is where the fun comes full circle! We are partnered with our fellow classmates for the experience and quickly become a new core group of colleagues sharing the same goals, curiosity and apprehensions; we quickly become vested in seeing each other succeed through graduation. It is quite the phenomenon to experience!

The coaching practicum is well crafted and intense where all of the information learned in the virtual classroom is applied and re-applied. The progression of the coaching sessions is so well thought out not even a minute of the time is unused – talk about a big bang for your buck! At the end of the practicum each student walks away with a gift of a lifetime – one that is unique only to the Center for Coaching Certification. When it is time for graduation – more fun! Certificates are awarded, pictures are taken, and students decide to exchange contact information amongst themselves because we are now part of a unique consortium all our own.

More Thoughts on My CPC Journey (Part III) Finally, there is what I call the ‘graduation gifts’. These come in the form of access to the Center for Coaching Certification’s coach resources via a unique login awarded only to the Center for Coaching Certification graduates. This is like getting a golden key to a treasure chest filled with a host of resources that make our transition as graduates to full-fledged coaching professionals a breeze. Here we find everything from sample documents and spreadsheets to recordings and more tools. There is the option to market oneself individually and there is an opportunity to be a coaching provider. There are blogs and books that one can be a part of as well as a large social media community! The list is as long as it is valuable.

It is this graduation gift that, in my opinion, sets the Center for Coaching Certification apart from the average, as they remain vested in us after-the-POS (Point Of Sale). It is evident that the Center for Coaching Certification wants to see us succeed even after-the-fact, because even though for all intents and purposes they have delivered the goods we had paid for at our initial sign-up, they remain available to us as resources, mentors and cheerleaders that stand at the ready for us should we need them for anything, anytime.


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