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True Change at 180 Degrees

Kristen Hess-Winters

By Kristen Hess-Winters 

Kristen Hess-Winters

In Coaching Perspectives VIII, my chapter True Change at 180 Degrees discusses the process and steps to truly changing your life at 180 degrees so that you start down a new path of success, satisfaction, and deliberate, thought out choices.

Doing a complete about-face is challenging and also so empowering when you discover the positive outcome.  When we talk about change, we talk about permanency.  It includes choices that permanently change your thinking, your path, and become your new habit.  Are the choices you are making now having a positive or negative impact on your goals?  Do you feel you want to go on a different path, and are unsure how to get yourself turned around?  The key will be to make small changes to start.  Those small changes will lead to big changes overall.  Remember that what you do now will impact your future and that is decided by YOU!

I once read that the greatest freedom you have in life is the freedom of choice.  Even in the face of a challenged childhood or circumstances in life, you have the choice of who and what you will be in your life.  You have the ability to rise above your negative experiences and make them part of you in a good way!  When we experience tough things in life, we learn that we have the ability to rise above it and grow beyond it.

Finding your truth and living in it, then finding your path and walking it will ultimately be the key to your desire, ability, and willingness to change.

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