Steps to Be a Certified Coach

Steps to Be a Certified Coach

After exploring more about coaching, techniques and skills for coaching, the coaching process, and basics on building a coaching business in the previous blog posts, we hope you are interested in becoming a coach.  The steps for becoming a Certified Professional Coach at the Center for Coaching Certification include:

  1. Chose a class based on location and schedule.

Visit the class schedules page to determine which class works best.  One option is the blended learning that combines five online classes (webinars) with two days live in one of many cities.  Alternatively, the entire certification may be completed online.  Both options are live and interactive so you will get to know your classmates and trainer.

2. Complete the application.

On the application you will check the requirements for completion of your certification, tell us about your understanding of coaching, and share about your experience and education.

3. Register and pay for your place in the class.

The program is $1495 and when you pay your places is reserved.

4. Watch for the Welcome email!

Once you are enrolled, a welcome email providing additional detail is sent with a Learner’s Guide and with a copy of the ICF Core Competencies.

5. All materials are provided so keep everything organized.

With each online class or webinar, you receive an email with handouts.  To make organization easy, we ask you to have a 3-ring binder (we even send a cover page and table of contents).  As you receive the handouts, print them and keep them in your binder for use during the classes and the coaching program.

6. Maximizing learning is your choice and responsibility.

Participate fully in each class by asking and answering questions and taking part in discussions.

7. Complete the research and report assignments.

After each class you will be assigned a two-page report that responds to three questions given during class.  Email these to your trainer.

8. Coach, Be Coached, Observe Coaching

In the coaching practicum you will be assigned partners in the class to coach, who will coach you, and for observations.  Full engagement in each role affords you’re the opportunity to apply the learning, experience being a client, and enhance awareness through observation.

9. Complete the Case Study

At the end of your coaching practicum you will receive a case study to complete.  It is a great review of everything you learn because it asks you to outline how you handle coaching from an initial conversation on through challenges.

10. Graduation!

Completion of the above steps means you earn your CPC or Certified Professional Coach designation.  After graduation we recommend you use the process with at least three clients ASAP.  Additional webinars and continuing education opportunities are provided and included with your program.

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