Procrastination and Coaching

procrastination and coaching blog

procrastination and coaching blogIf a client is procrastinating, what can a coach do to support them moving forward?  A coach creates awareness in their client around their reasons for procrastinating, motivations to be proactive, and effective ideas to change from procrastinating to moving forward.

Coaching is based on a proven process using proven competencies.  Specifically, during coaching certification, coaches learn to support clients so they move forward by:

  • understanding who the client is and how they process information,
  • dancing in the moment with their thinking and exploration,
  • listening deeply,
  • asking questions,
  • help develop strategies and action steps,
  • be an accountability partner, and
  • celebrate progress and success.

What questions do coaches ask?

  • What are your motivations for procrastinating?
  • What do you like about delaying action?
  • What do you dislike about delaying action?
  • What are the benefits of taking action?
  • What motivates you to take action?
  • How will you find your source of motivation in the moment?
  • What quick win do you want to motivate a next step?
  • What reminders help you take action?
  • How do you want me to serve as your accountability partner?
  • How do you want to acknowledge progress and success?

Bottom line: apply what you learn in coach training.  Use positive language, believe in your client and their ability to make it work, ask open-ended questions, focus forward, check in on their committed action steps, and take time to affirm their progress and success.

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