The How of What? When? How?

The What of What? When? How?

How will we determine our priorities for change?

Priorities come from meaning, circumstances, barriers, opportunities, and passion.  There are as many sets of priorities as there are individuals.  What are the common priorities?  How will we determine what to work on together?  How will we create change?

Coaches partner to define and choose priorities.

  • What do you want? What else?
  • How do you prioritize what you want?
  • Which of your priorities are for you specifically?
  • Which of your priorities are shared with others?
  • Which priorities do you want to start with?

How will we influence change?

Influencing change starts with an awareness of where we have influence and where we can create influence.

Coaches partner for goal setting and strategizing.

  • What are your goals for influencing change?
  • Where do you have influence now?
  • Where can you build your influence?
  • How will you use your influence for positive change?

How will we work together for change? The What of What? When? How?

Recognizing that we each have a responsibility for individual action and that we have opportunities to collaborate for a bigger impact is a start.  Please note: individual action will mean very different things to different people.  Collaboration is an opportunity and while we want more collaboration the choice to engage is individual.  When the choice to collaborate for change is made, we strategize and then we move to action.

Coaches partner for action planning and meaningful change.

  • What are the opportunities for collaboration?
  • How will each engage in the collaborative effort?
  • How will each be supported?
  • What is the thinking behind the strategy?
  • What are the specific steps to make it happen?
  • What might get in the way?
  • What are the resources?
  • How will we work together to move it forward?
  • How will we manage accountability?
  • How will we acknowledge progress and successes?

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