Resources Support Opportunities

identify resource to support goalsThe O in GOALS = Opportunities

After exploring and prioritizing the gigantic goals and options, further supporting the opportunities requires identifying the resources for achieving goals.  In coach training programs, coaches learn that this process supports the outcome because when you identify the means for achieving then the opportunity is more realistic.

With the list of gigantic goals on hand, reflect on the various resources you will use to make it happen.  Start by listing the skills you have to achieve your goals (this may take a bit of digging to get everything listed).  Examples include knowledge, work skills, and personal skills.  Then list the tools you have to achieve goals.  The list might include things like access to training, books, memberships, a computer with internet access, and financial means.  Next, list the people that both support you and are willing to help you with your goals.  The list may include family, friends, colleagues, and supervisors.  After listing the resources you have, list resources you want and will use to achieve goals.

A business, life, or executive takes time creating this list with a client is because they are aware of the importance.  By listing the resources you have and want, your goals become more realistic to you because you are aware of your opportunities, the ‘how’ behind the dreams.  Through the process of powerful goals setting for results described in this blog series, the gigantic goals are supported with opportunities and become achievable.  Follow this blog series to continue the deep dive.

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