Preparing for the Next Job Opportunity by Strengthening Resilience

Career Resilience Infographic

By Chi Whitley from JobHero —

Resilience, the ability to recover and re-engage, is an important skill for someone who is Career Resilience Infographicchanging jobs.  In the previous blog, I gave the first step, here are the next two.

  1. Turn Negative Emotion into Positive Action

Oftentimes clients can get down on themselves. Perhaps something traumatic at work happened or they are still reeling from a toxic work environment and feel ashamed, depressed, or unwilling to move forward. Recognize it makes sense to feel worried and depressed by what occurred in their previous employment and ask them how much time and energy they want to invest in those emotions. Use that negative emotion and turn it into motivation.

  1. Create Actionable Career Goals

If you have not heard of or implemented S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-based) goals into your coaching practice, explore and experiment with it. The great thing about SMART goals is that they can be applied to any time frame. If your client is finding it difficult to take the next step in their career, then have them do a SMART goal with a week or day timeline. If your client is considering what they want to do long-term have them write down their SMART goals for the next three, five, or ten years. For other tips on how to build career resilience check out Job Hero’s guide on career resilience.

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