Preparing for the Next Job Opportunity Starts with Assessing Skills

Career Resilience Infographic

By Chi Whitley from JobHero — 

Career resilience is built by continuously preparing for unexpected job loss, change, or for Career Resilience Infographicwhen the next opportunity arises. Career resilience also entails having your resume and cover letter up to date for any openings with your current company or another one. Like many skills, career resilience must be strengthened and developed.

As a career coach, it is your job to help clients develop their career resilience. This is done in three steps: knowing their abilities, turning negative emotion into positive action, and creating goals. Below you will find several ways to help clients build their career resilience – the first is here and the next two will be in the next blog post.

  1. Take an Inventory of Skills

Take note of what your client does best in their current role and previous positions. If your client is having trouble coming up with skills, have them consider what they enjoyed most in their roles — typically, our favorite skills go hand in hand with what we enjoyed doing most at work. Also, have clients consider both hard and soft skills.

After you and your client assess their skills, have them, go and update their resume and begin to write a sample cover letter. Make sure they highlight these soft and hard skills in both documents to portray their capabilities.

For those of you who have completed coaching certification, you will either refer clients elsewhere for resume writing or will offer that as a service separate from the coaching.


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