Coaching for Diversity

Coaching for Diversity

A go-to in many organizations when it comes to diversity is training.  How successful has it been?  Clearly the impact is limited.  Just as coaching has a greater impact on results for change, coaching is the logical choice when it comes to expanding and supporting diversity. Coaching for Diversity

There is now yet another call for diversity and it is an opportunity to make the same mistake, limit the initiatives to training, or an opportunity to ensure long-term meaningful impact with coaching because it works.

The research makes coaching the obvious go-to for diversity.  The challenge is that it is a new go-to.  Let’s set aside all the research and take a look at the very simple logic:

  • When someone goes to a training program, they are done when they walk out the door. That means they will most likely revert make to their previous habits and process.
  • When someone goes to a training program, whether or not they are inspired they will be limited by the status quo.
  • Training is designed by someone else and so there is a lack of investment or ownership in the information.
  • Coaching means being challenged to think and reflect on meaning and impact. That means there is awareness and understanding.
  • Coaching means developing strategies to move past obstacles and create meaningful change.
  • Coaching means individual design their own action plans and accountability, and thus own the outcome so they follow-through. 

Important notes:

  • When using coaching for diversity, ensure each coach has completed coaching certification and is at a minimum a member of the International Coaching Federation, ICF, and ideally credentialed by the ICF to ensure they are qualified and bound by the Code of Ethics.
  • As a best practice, develop internal coaches for entry to mid-level employees by using external training.
  • Bring in external coaches for the highest levels of management.

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