Providing Coaching Notes


Providing_Coaching_NotesWhat are the benefits for the client of the coach providing notes with the client?  The notes mean the client has an overview of the conversation, which helps with their clarity and further reflection.  The client is free to think out loud during the session knowing the coach will send them the notes.  The notes include the client’s action steps so they have them written and can begin working on them immediately.

How does providing notes help the coaching relationship?  The notes demonstrate that the coach heard and understood the client.  The notes support accountability.  The notes are a benefit for the client as described above, which adds value to the coaching relationship.

How do the notes help the coach?  The notes help the coach stay focused on the client, hear them more fully, and to prepare before the next session.  Bottom line, taking notes helps the coach do a better job, and it is part of the job.

Providing notes is a benefit for the client, the coaching relationship, and the coach.

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