My Journey through Coaching – Blog 11 of 12

Part 3: A New Coach by Brandi Alvarez

As I continue to coach, I am becoming more comfortable with the process.  This takes a lot of work and practice to become effective.  I am enjoying it and it is challenging.  Coaching others is helping me to keep going.  Hearing the transformation in your clients after creating their affirmation is worth every bit of effort it took in creating it.  Sometimes the process is uncomfortable, and it is definitely unfamiliar; like with anything you just have to prepare.  It is hard work.  Now I believe everyone will benefit from the process.

After going through all the stages in this journey I know the coach continues to be coached; their journey is on-going.  It helps to know I now have a network of others that I can go to for advice, mentoring, and of course coaching.  As a coach your coach is a cheerleader to keep you going.

Coaching is helping me to rise above some of my insecurities and forcing my introverted self to take a back seat.  I may not ever coach as my profession; I will take a lifetime of learning experience from it.  I have learned your words and your language are the most powerful tools you have.  My own habits are the barriers that keep me from forming new ones.  In order to start to really accept something new, hear it at least four times and then keep going to make it part of yourself.  Now I return to my own affirmations and get to work as I am sure my journey is just beginning.

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