My Journey through Coaching – Blog 12 of 12

A Summary by Brandi Alvarez

What is coaching all about and what does it mean?

As a coaching client I discovered it is about exploration of what I want, learning to focus forward, prioritizing goals, strategizing, and then action planning.  It is challenging and it is worth it.

As a student of coaching I learned that the coach is something very different than I thought before – a coach is a partner that makes you really think and find possibilities, then consider options and make your own choices. Having ethics seems like common sense and it takes having something in writing to really know.  I built on my skills understanding people, listening, word choices, and asking questions.  I learned everyone processes information differently.  Most of all, I learned how goals are defined makes a difference in achieving them.

As a coach I was surprised by how much coaching someone else and really focusing on them was a personal benefit too.  I found that using coaching in all areas of my life and work really is a good fit and makes sense.  Most of all I learned that it is hard to really let the client discover their own solutions and at the same time that it really is about just that – in coaching and otherwise, the client or any individual really is their own best expert.

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