Making the Effort as a Coaching Client to Maximize the Results

Making the Effort as a Coaching Client to Maximize the ResultsIn the last blog were examples of goals from a coaching relationship and possible obstacles to maximizing the results.  Now consider these ideas for moving past the obstacles and then create your plan.

Options for Moving Forward: How will you move past your obstacles?

  • Before engaging a coach, ask for a free introductory session to get to know them and their style
  • Ask the coach about their agreement
  • Ask the coach about their Code of Ethics
  • Ask the coach about their process
  • Explore how you want your coach to partner with you for accountability
  • Discuss how you will measure progress and success
  • Share how you want to celebrate
  • Choose a coach that is the best fit for you personally

What are your action steps to maximize a coaching relationship?

Possible additional actions for your plan include:

  • Define your goals for the relationship
  • Define your interests for having a coaching relationship
  • Interview at least three prospective coaches
  • Compare their ethics, agreements, processes, and styles
  • Commit to a timeline for engaging a coach

Whether you are a coach seeking a coach, your company is providing a coach, or you are investing in coaching for your own objectives, being intentional with your approach supports maximizing your results.

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