Coaching Stuck Business Owners

by Linda Murphy

It has been almost five years since I became a professional coach for business executives and entrepreneurs.  I am deeply moved by the changes that I see in the people I work with and am sincerely honored for the opportunity to learn with them as we journey through the years.

Coaching has brought greater clarity to the differences in color, pattern, and depth of the successful people I coach.  None of us is without blemish or beauty.  Like a brown spot on a leaf, each of us has our challenges.  The sun and breezes create the shimmering colored leaves of fall reminding me that each of us was born with some gift that makes us special, unique and precious.  I regard each of the people I have and will coach in the future with exactly this esteem.  My coaching experiences have inspired me to share my successes with others in the hope that we can help others in turn.

I’ve recently written a chapter in a the 7th in the series of coaching books, “Coaching Perspectives“.  My chapter is about a topic that every business owner faces at some time in their career.  “What Do I Do When My Business Isn’t Growing?”  We call that feeling being stuck and in the chapter; “Coaching Business Owners whose Businesses are Stuck!”  I give examples of other leaders who have experienced this stage in their career.  I share examples of how coaching helped them.  I hope that this book will inspire others, both entrepreneurs and other coaches, as they have inspired me. Please pick up the book today and read more about how to get back on your path if you are feeling stuck.

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