5 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Create an Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is feeling and expressing thanks and/or appreciation. Create an Attitude of Gratitude

In addition to the kindness experienced by others when we express gratitude, gratitude has proven benefits for the person with the attitude of gratitude.  The benefits of being grateful include:
·      Emotional benefits –we are more positive, happy, confident, and healthy.
·      Health benefits – we sleep better and tend to exercise more.
·      Personality benefits – we are more optimistic and giving.
·      Social benefits – we are more likeable by our partner, friends, and others which improves relationships.
·      Career benefits – we are more effective managing and supporting colleagues plus better at decision-making.

5 Ways to Create an Attitude of Gratitude include:
1.     A gratitude journal – each day write down what you are grateful for from that day.
2.     Conversation – plan time with your partner and/or friends to talk about what you are grateful for in your life.
3.     Guided Meditation – plan time to meditate with a focus on gratitude.
4.     Positivity – being positive supports being grateful (and being grateful supports being positive).  Use coaching language that is positive in your thinking and speaking.
5.     Commitment – choose to express your gratitude to one person a day – add a calendar reminder or schedule time.

In keeping with this theme, please allow me a moment to express gratitude – I am grateful for and appreciate:
·      All the graduates of the Center for Coaching Certification – we are here for you and because of you – thank you!
·      The amazing team at the Center for Coaching Certification – the support team and the trainers alike are amazing people.  We are so proud to have all of them on the team and hope all of them are as proud of themselves for what they do to serve.  Thank you, team!
·      Coaching – being a coach and training coaches is incredibly rewarding.  It creates positivity and supports being proactive.  Thanks for all coaching offers!

Thanks to you for reading this and sharing thoughts too!

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