List Your Action Steps

The L in GOALS = Listed

The reason coach training programs cover recognizing individual preferences and different approaches is because each person is unique and supporting success is tailored to the individual.  In the previous blog post from this series, the big-picture approach with built-in flexibility for ‘to do’ items was described.  Now dive in to discover what is behind powerful action steps in a procedural, detailed approach.

When a ‘‘to do’’ item or action step is specific and measurable, it is easily understood and completed.  For example, rather than planning to communicate with a colleague, get specific: how will you communicate with them?  Get measurable: when will you communicate with them?  Hence instead of listing ‘communicate with colleague’ the action step becomes to call them on Tuesday at 10 AM.

Recognize whether each action step is realistic.  For example, if you are scheduled to be in a meeting on Tuesday at 10 AM then the above action step is unlikely.  Of course this goes beyond basic scheduling – realistic also means it is doable, that you have the resources and knowledge, and where others are involved that they are available, willing, and able too.

For many people, a general timeline or ‘to do’ list works and for others, defining the specific date and time is more effective.  Whichever works best for you, whether with a coach or individually, schedule time to create your checklist and/or calendar specific, measurable, realistic action steps.

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