Strategize the When of Goals

timeline for resultsThe S in GOALS = Strategized

In this blog series you have explored gigantic goals, opportunities for success, analyzed your process, and listed your action steps.  This is part of developing your strategy of powerful goal setting for results.  Business, life, and executive coaches realize that while many people want things to happen now, it takes understanding what works, how it works, and following through.  With a coach or here now, reflect on this question: What is your timeline to make it happen?  By following this blog series you have taken a step to begin your new journey.  Ideally you believe in your goals.  Do you now have a ‘to do’ list or scheduled action steps?  If not, when will you start?

After you start, what happens?  When you have a coach, one thing they do is check in with you on how you are doing to ensure accountability.  What checkpoints make sense?  What are your preferences for managing accountability?  A plan is great – using the plan is awesome.

How will you know you have achieved the results?  With your coach or here now, define how you measure success.  Be specific and list what has to happen for you to realize you accomplished your goal.

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