Is Parent Coaching Right for Your Family?

Is Parent Coaching Right for Your Family?

by Tracy Prunty

Coaching is an investment in you, your family, and your lives. Coaching is an opportunity to create the time for awareness and developing strategies. It is ideal for exploring your family’s interests and discovering what works for your family. Is Parent Coaching Right for Your Family?

Consider for yourself:

  • How well do you want to advocate for your children?
  • How important is it to help your children reach their full potential?
  • How does effectively supporting your children in school make a difference?
  • How motivated are you to have the best possible quality of life?
  • What does it mean to be the best parent possible?
  • How confident are you in the decisions you make for your family?

Chances are your reflections on these questions bring you to the real question, “How will having a parent coach make a difference for my family?”

Consider these opportunities in coaching:

  • Recognizing when and how to advocate for your children.
  • Identifying how to support your children reaching their full potential.
  • Choose how to effectively support your children in school.
  • Upgrade the quality of your lives by effectively working with ADHD.
  • Be the role model you want to be for your children.
  • Be confident you are making good decisions.

To explore how parent coaching with a trained coach who also has specialized training in ADHD parenting can serve you, schedule a free introductory session.

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