How to Get a Job as a Coach

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While coaching is often seen as a business opportunity, some want to enter the profession as an employee.  Increasingly organizations are hiring people with coaching certification in combined roles or as coaches.  Jobs for coaches are usually within HR, Talent Development, or Organizational Development.  Companies request or even require coaching certification prior to hiring people for a role that includes coaching, and if an internal employee is moved into a coaching role, often the organization will pay for training.

Please note: while companies developing coaching programs may turn to internal training, the best results are from external training because the internal team usually lacks the level of coaching specific knowledge required.

If you want a job coaching within the corporate environment, the more specific training and experience you have the more qualified you are for the job.  Here comes the catch 22: the training is available – when it comes to experience the challenge is that the opportunities to gain experience are offered to those with experience.  For this reason, many acquire the training and then take on coaching opportunities in their current position.  This is a great strategy for getting a job in coaching in your current organization or elsewhere.

Alternatively, you can get creative.  Start your coach training and volunteer to coach people through nonprofits or religious organizations.  Consider, too, the incredible number of opportunities for group coaching based on areas of interest.

There are consulting and coaching firms that hire or contract coaches.  Sometimes they also want expertise in consulting, training, or facilitation.  Depending on your related background, they may bring you on board knowing that your coaching experience is limited if you already have the coach training.

Getting a job as a coach starts with training and gaining as much experience as possible.  Then, as with other jobs, research the opportunities, develop a fabulous resume, and in addition to getting your resume out there, network.  Of course, working with a career coach makes a huge difference and is worth the investment.

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