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How does coaching fit into your career?

By Pete Liska https://www.linkedin.com/in/peteliska/

In my previous career as a Project and Test Manager for a defense contractor, my impression of coaching certification is that it had limited use.  The defense world is so rigid, it is rare to see individual employees empowered.  Then I realized that coaching is also a way of communicating and interacting that is, simply, more effective.  I was a working manager and was able to use the positive language.  The tools for identifying personal style and learning style of the employees and colleagues I was working and/or dealing with meant I was more effective in my interactions.

Now, in my present position with CCC, coaching is a tremendous fit.  From understanding coaching and what coaching is so I am effectively answering questions of people exploring coaching, to actual coaching conversations, a goal for my near future is utilizing coaching in the niche area of entrepreneurs and start-ups where coaching will be an outstanding asset for entrepreneurs.  Because of the coach training programs that I have taken at the Center for Coaching Certification, I am gaining a better understanding of coaching while also preparing me for the opportunity to coach.  The experience and insight with the coaching are powerful.  Learning coaching also gives me an edge to write blogs, create social media posts, plan white papers, and even with writing portions of Requests For Proposal (RFP).  I am discovering how coaching creates a positive, proactive focus and language that enhances writing.

With so many studies or articles discussing the ROI with coaching, it is clear that entrepreneurs and/or startups engaged in coaching will find their success rate or way forward improves greatly.  Within my niche area of startups, entrepreneurs, or the creative culture, utilizing coaching as one of the tools has been shown to be a positive addition to their business success.  My experience with individuals in this niche is that most are full of energy, very enthusiastic, and doing whatever it takes to make their business work and move forward.  As I move forward in this niche to offer coaching, a combination of their high energy with the success of coaching will create expanding opportunities for the entrepreneurs and other coaches too.


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