Language in Coaching

Language in Coaching

Language is what keeps communities, corporations, and all endeavors in continuity. In the words of Brian Smith, a CEO and a graduate from the Wharton School of Business, “It is about communication, communication, communication.” How a coach communicates with a client directly affects how successfully a coaching relationship will unfold. Knowing client terms that relate to someone’s personal story (work or home life) assists with the rapport and understanding of each diverse person met along the highway of life. It is the same with clients. If a client comes from a culture which is new to a coach, it is smart to get educated about general particulars. There can be words which are offensive as well. There are coaching classes which are helpful for cultural insight. When it comes to corporate and executive coaching, or even cultural sensitivity, language, particular verbiage, and understanding open doors.  Language in Coaching

Whether a client is from shipping , cosmetics, or even the military each has their own mission statement and language around goals. For this, it is good to read about their company specifics prior to the first phone call. How a coach asks questions about a client’s intended vision will open up the connection. Knowing language and culture is the key for coaching, and most definitely overall communication.

Examples of Questions:

  • How do you describe your corporation?
  • How is your corporation moving forward?
  • What is your company’s mission statement?
  • How do you define your company?
  • What values are most central to your place of work?
  • What do you do each day at work?
  • What is your mission at work?
  • What is your personal mission?

Keeping questions simple with verbiage that resonates with a client’s environment and cultural background is powerful. And when questions are asked with confidence it provides a canvas from which a client can open up and create. Background information can assist with creating a solid coaching relationship.

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