Crossroads of Manager, Trainer, and Coach


kaleenby Kaleen Barbera

I think we all agree that we strive to be the best, most effective version of ourselves when it comes to any role we fulfill, personally or professionally.  Many of us do that through academic study, in-the-field experience, and a constant focus on self-reflection and learning.  However, in our journey of self-improvement, we sometimes create unnecessary restrictions around what our roles include and what they do not, thereby limiting our own development.  With that in mind, if we can remain open to information and new perspectives, we can create clearer self-awareness and continually build and strengthen our capabilities, rather than limit ourselves to a mere job description.

It is for this reason that this chapter focuses specifically on three professional roles that commonly overlap: manager, trainer, and coach.  Fulfilling all three of these roles myself, as well as working alongside others with these titles, one clear common denominator emerges – they all directly interact and influence people, not things.  Therefore, the purpose and benefits behind the chapter “Crossroads of Managing, Training, and Coaching” is to become more aware of what we can learn from each of the roles, and how those things can enhance the effectiveness in our own role.

To achieve this, we explore and define each of the roles by looking at their respective challenges, strengths, and differentiators.  Next, we will look at the areas of overlap that can be considered.  Third, the chapter concludes with simple action steps that can be incorporated into each role, ultimately benefitting us in our journey for professional evolution, as well as the individuals that look to us for their own development and growth.

Read more in the full chapter of Coaching Perspectives VI.

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