Exploring Coaching and Coach Training

Over the next several weeks, this blog is going to discuss coaching using the flow of the Certified Professional Coach program.  For coaches who have already earned their certification, this serves as a review and reminder.  For those considering certification, this provides detail beyond the program overview plus insights as to the value behind key learning points.  For those hiring a coach, this creates awareness about the skill of the coach, processes, and techniques.

Coaching is a unique profession with unique processes that provide amazing results.  The oft-cited Manchester Inc. study states the ROI is 570% and that is right in line with a multitude of additional studies.  This ROI is different from other professions and processes.  Ensuring the quality of coaching means following a Code of Ethics plus developing the skills as a coach to really understand your client, communicate effectively, ask powerful questions, and expand thinking.

A process for coaching ensures that the work with a client stays on track for their desired outcomes.  This begins by recognizing the coaching client as a whole person so the role of the coach is supporting their success.

Because coaching is used widely and simultaneously often misunderstood, the insights from the blog posts that follow will add value to the coaching process.

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