Establishing Direction with Clients

Establishing Direction with Clients

Often clients have a defined reason or direction when hiring a coach, especially when working with executives. Time and outcomes are consistently being measured, and ROI is imperative. Once the coaching relationship begins, the route of problem solving may shift, even with top management. The goals may remain the same or shift based on circumstances and priorities. Perhaps the executive decides this particular company is not a good fit….etc. Coaching is occasionally used as a last ditch effort to come up with solutions for  executives or managers who are in a rough patch.Establishing Direction with Clients

Establishing focus and direction in each session comes from the first conversation through the very last. Knowing the bigger agenda with a set framework helps to organize a weekly plan. Plugging the details back to the bigger agenda is important, and can be done with powerful questions. If a new conversational development is not a fit for the larger plan, it can become a coaching agenda for the future. When and if there is a shift, it is ultimately up to the client. If this does occur it is up to the coach to ask questions which give clarity and course for the client to proceed.

Examples of Questions:

  • How do you want to focus the session today?
  • How do your personal goals interact with the company’s?
  • What value do you find in this direction?
  • What is your highest potential in this situation?
  • How does this new understanding fit with or change the original vision?
  • Tell me how this fits with or changes the primary agenda.

With coaching comes the responsibly of holding space for the client to decide where they will focus and how they will steer.

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