Find Coaching Clients through Online Visibility

In this blog series, opportunities for increasing your coaching client base by connecting include referrals through workshops. Each of these approaches calls for an online presence. Now consider the online presence as an opportunity in and of itself.

Whether a potential coaching client is actively seeking a coach or becomes aware of the possibilities through internet engagement, enhancing visibility as a coach online makes sense.

A website demonstrates your level of professionalism as a coach and is a norm for long-term businesses. Website designs for coaches generally range from a brochure format to fully engaging and interactive. Your website is the first impression and ideally provides a reason for your potential coaching clients to learn more.

Whether your website is easily found is a result of your SEO, inbound links, content value, and exposure on other sites.

Action Steps to “Get Found” Online

1. Website design

Is your website designed to attract interest and engage? Does it invite visitors to stay, read, and interact? Strategically place opportunities for visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, connect through social media, or comment on a blog. Write content for the reader; focus on what your potential client wants to know most.

2. SEO, Search Engine Optimization

To increase traffic to your website, effective SEO is a must. Be sure each page on your website is titled with appropriate key words. Use approximately ten long-tailed key words or meta tags on each page. Write a meta description for each page that is to the point and pertinent. Ensure the content on each page includes your key words and description.

3. Social Marketing and Online Networking

Develop your profile as a coach on sites like LinkedIn. Upload a photograph of yourself, connect with your contacts, complete your background information, and ask for recommendations. Join online groups that interest your ideal client and participate. Write articles and blog posts that inform, engage, and motivate interest.
How do you find websites and what did those websites do to be found?

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