Steps Now to Prepare for the Future in Coaching

steps now for the future in coachingBecause the blog posts this week discussed the ICF and the move toward regulation of coaching, the question now is: What can a coach or those interested in coaching do now to prepare?

If you share my belief that coaching is moving toward regulation, consider that often a popular current standard on training and ethics requirements is accepted or endorsed.  Alternatively, there may be a “grandfathering” of current professionals.  What does this mean?  My best guess is that the ICF coach membership requirement for 60 hours of training specific to coaching is in keeping with what will be necessary. 

If you are interested in being a part of the professionalism and quality of the coaching industry, join the ICF as a coach member, participate in events, join the networking groups online, and express your opinion.

If you want to establish your credibility and expertise, after training and joining the ICF, write blog posts, actively participate in online discussions, and get published because providing information publically demonstrates your knowledge base.

The quality of coaching is built on a foundation of training, competency, ethics, experience, and expertise.  In addition to supporting coaching as a whole with the efforts outline here, you are enhancing your coaching services.

What do you think?

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