Executive Coaching Niche Areas

Executive Coaching Niche Areas

Executive coaches serve in a multitude of ways. The next few blog posts will share examples of some of the most prevalent ways.

An Executive Coach may serve as a:

Sounding Board – according to the Harvard Business Review, 26% of the time the reason a coach is hired for an executive is to serve as a sounding board. The coach provides the space for the executive to think aloud, expand their thinking, challenge tExecutive Coaching Niche Areasheir thinking, and support strategy development.

Leadership – leadership is a hot topic in organizations, as it can make or break an organization. Coaches work with executives to define and develop key leadership skills.

Process Assessment Insights – coaches work with executives in considering the learning from assessment tools. Then they support them choosing how they will apply their new awareness to enhance how they function.

Change Management – change is a constant. Successful change management requires effective communication throughout an organization, implementation of new processes, and leadership that inspires and motivates. Coaches effectively support leaders in all of these areas.

Conflict – Helga Rhodes said, “Conflict is a fact of life. It does not have to be a way of life.” Coaching is a powerful tool for effectively managing conflict so that instead of being an obstacle it is an opportunity.


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