Coaching Client Stuck

As a Coach, you may find that your client is completely stuck as to what to do. They have thought and thought, yet are not sure how to move forward. Consider this scenario: A coaching client shares that sometimes they are able to successfully focus in the present, and at other times they are buried by the past. The client has already gone through counseling and was advised that they were not in need of continuing services. The client wanted to move forward and was unsure of how to plan. Because writing it out is very different than just thinking, listing pros and cons provides clarity.

One possible approach for coaching: Ask the client to…

1: create a list of all the different things they think about and prioritize the list.

2: brainstorm and list all of the possible solutions (working on one thing at a time) from this point forward.

3: list the pros and cons of each possibility.

4: choose the solution they want, and to consider possible outcomes.

5: list obstacles to moving forward.

6: list what resources and skills they have and need to move forward.

7: create their plan of action to move forward.

8: describe what it will be like after they accomplish their action plan.

9: share their progress by asking what is working and what the client wants to adjust.

What are the benefits of this process for the client? The client gains clarity in their thoughts, explores options, and creates their plan of action.

The client in this scenario shared that it was productive for them to get it all on paper and it gave them a perspective they did not have by just thinking. In many ways the client found validation in what they were doing because when all possibilities were evaluated, their course did make sense. The client gained focus and found that when they got stuck, they had something to go to that empowered them to again move forward.

What other coaching approaches have you used and how did they work?

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