Additional Niches for Executive Coaching

Additional Niches for Executive Coaching

Executive Coaches often work with clients to develop specific skills including those listed here.

Public Speaking – leading group meetings, giving presentations and speaking to both small and large audiences are often expectations for executives. This is also the top fear for most people. Working with a coach is an opportunity to maximize effectiveness in public speaking.

Personal Presentation – working with a coach, perhaps one who is also an image consultant, supports individuals in putting their best foot forward and yes, first impressions count.

People and Communication Skills – the number one reason people leave a company is their boss and the top skill deficiencies in the workplace are people and communication skills. Working with an executive coach is the best way to develop and enhance these skills.

Additional Niches for Executive CoachingEngage and Motivate Others – in many organizations employee engagement and motivation is a critical area of focus. Executive coaches effectively support executives to understand how to engage and motivate people.

Talent Retention – retaining and developing top talent is a priority for companies. Providing executive coaching for top talent can be an incentive for them to stay. Coaching develops talent.

Decision Making – executives make decisions all day long. Effective decision making requires the ability to evaluate and make decisions quickly. It is also important to be able consider different possibilities. Working with an Executive Coach can be an excellent method for executives to enhance their decision making.

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