Coaching: The Total Package


jenniferby Jennifer Maxwell Parkinson

Coaching and image consulting work together, hand-in-hand, to aid individuals in aligning their inner and outer messaging to themselves and the outside world.

In order to successfully blend the two very different roles, we learn a dance that pushes us to the edge while staying within the line.  This process includes discussing potential goals with a client.  When I first meet with a client, we decide together if I will employ both image consulting and coaching methodologies, or just one or the other.

As coaches we can see in our clients, and with less ease in ourselves, that as adults many of us are living with conflicting inner and outer messaging.  There comes a time when we are well served to step up and out, into a self of our own intentional creation, and find our harmony between our inner self and our outer self.  Changing one’s image inside and out has a huge effect on self-esteem and self-confidence.

Coaching can manifest itself in many forms.  Professional coaches are trained and so have knowledge of certain industry and training guidelines.  At the same time, we all coach in our own personal way: I began my career as an image coach.  As my business evolved, I added professional and life coaching to provide a more well-rounded, complete service.

There is incredible satisfaction in knowing that you have taken the time to become an expert in the areas that impact individuals on a deep, life-altering level.

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