Evaluating CC9 Designing Actions

Designing actions starts with specific action steps for moving forward and is enhanced as a cc9acompetency when it includes designing actions that provide for learning, discovery, and new awareness.  The actions occur during coaching and in work or life situations.  At a higher level, the actions encompass yes the doing, and also thinking, creating, and discovering through new experiences.  Effectively using this competency means the actions serve the client’s goal and are in keeping with their learning style and pace.  The actions are also explored in terms of how they advance additional goals simultaneously.

If the coach designs the actions or indicates actions are cc9binappropriate they will fail this competency at all levels.  If the actions do not support the client’s goals and / or serve clear purpose then the coach is failing the client and evaluation of this competency.  If the actions and conversation about the actions are limited to physical action without addressing the new awareness and learning then the coach will fail this competency at the MCC evaluation level.

Clients engage a coach because they want meaningful change.  For meaningful change to take place, new thinking, learning, and action planning must occur.  Coaching is to effectively empower the client so they design new actions.

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