Evaluating CC10 Planning and Goal Setting

Planning and goal setting start with partnering for the coaching relationship and then move to developing goals that are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Realistic, and havecc10a a defined Time.  Additionally, effective application of this competency includes recognizing progress and success.  At a higher level, the coach is working with the client on goals that go beyond the immediate considerations.  This can involve exploring goals in all areas of a client’s life and exploring how moving toward one goal supports success with other goals.  Plans include thinking, exploring, learning, discovering, creating, and doing.

If the coach is not working with the client to develop an effective coaching plan then the coach is not going to pass evaluation for this cc10bcompetency.  If the coach defines the goals  and / or designs the plans then they fail this competency at all levels.  If the coach is not supporting the client and empowering them in their planning and goal setting then the coach is failing this competency.   If the planning and goal setting are not moving the client toward their goals then the coach is not demonstrating this competency.  If plans and goals are limited to physical doing without including thinking and creativity then the coach is less than fully effective with this competency.

Goals and plans are an expected outcome of the coaching relationship and ensuring client ownership of plans and goals supports their success.  This is done through empowering them to define their goals and plan their process to achieve.

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